Land and building

Aims and Objective

The University Works Department is created to look after the works of planning, construction, maintenance and repair of all civil works of the buildings, housekeeping and horticulture works.

The University Works Department is empowered to execute “original works”, “special repair works” of buildings and all other “maintenance works” to maintain buildings in proper condition.

Note: Civil works would mean building works including electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing, sanitary works, compound walls, firefighting, interiors, renovations, landscaping, rehabilitation and other miscellaneous works.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Land and Building

The University campus is situated at Plot No. B- 4 in Qutab Institutional Area on the Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg in South West Delhi with an area of 10.65 acres. There are 4 Academic Buildings, 8 Residential Buildings including Guest House and Boys' Hostel. All buildings are well connected to each other by roads. Availability of 24 hours water and electricity is being ensured in the campus by maintaining DG sets, Tube Wells and Sewage Treatment Plant. Proper external lighting in the campus is being ensured through energy efficient high mast lighting systems. Conservation of water is being ensured by maintaining rain water harvesting system and 120 KLD STP. 150 KWp Roof Top Solar Power Plant is under commissioning to promote green energy.

At present there are 4 Academic Buildings in the University:-

  1. Shaikshanik Sadan: - It is the oldest 2 storey building built in 3431.81 square metres area. It houses academic, research and library departments. Departments of faculties of Darshan and Sahitya Sanskriti are being accommodated in this Building.
  2. Saraswat Sadhana Sadan: - It is 5 storey building (B+G+3) built in 4031.26 Square Metres area. It houses Vice-Chancellor Secretariat, Women Study Centre, Yoga Hall, NCC in-Charge Room & Computer Centre with three computer labs, Examination Department, Conference Hall & Committee Rooms etc.
  3. Vrihaspati Bhawan: - It is 2 storey building built in 410.00 Square Metres area. It houses the departments of Veda and Pourohitya. There is also one hall for Karmakand Prayogshala.
  4. Swarna Jayanti Sadan: - It is a 5 storey building (B+G+3) built in 6307 Square Metres area. It houses administrative offices like department of Administration, Finance, Academic, Development, Statistical Cell, Central Store, Office of Registrar & Finance Officer, Proctor, Teachers' Learning Centre under the scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission of Teachers Training, Faculty of Adhunik Jnan Vijnan Jyotish, Vastu, Vyakaran, Dharmashastra & Committee Rooms etc.

Residential Quarters

The University has 48 staff quarters out of which 07 quarters are of Type - V, 08 quarters are of Type-IV, 08 quarters are of Type - III, 08 quarters are of Type - II, 16 quarters of Type - I and one Vice-Chancellor Bungalow for accommodating essential academic and non-academic staff of the University.

Guest House (Vishranti Nilayam)

University has a two-storey University Guest House building in Campus. It comprises 10 double-bedded rooms, one VIP suit. The Guest House is available on requisition to accommodate national and international delegates/members, visiting dignitaries preferably in connection with academic and research activities.

Boys' Hostel

The University has one hostel building for boys having accommodation for 96 students in 48 rooms. Covered Area of this Hostel is 1843.20 Sqm. There are 16 single seated rooms for research scholars and senior students; 16 double seated rooms and 16 triple seated rooms for other students.

Observatory (Varahamihir Vedhashala)

In order to impart practical knowledge of Siddhant Jyotish to the students of the Department of Jyotish, there is an Observatory in the University Campus. The Karkavalaya, Tula Valaya and Makara Valaya yantras help in knowing about the different rashis.

H. T. Sub-Station Building

There is One H. T. Sub-Station of 11 KV capacity in the University. It houses two 1000 KVA transformers, H. T. Panels, L. T. Panels, auto correcting Panel, three D. G. Sets to ensure round O clock uninterrupted supply of electricity in the campus.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The University have installed a Sewage Treatment Plant of 120 Kilo Litres per day capacity with filter press in 2007-08 to reuse the waste water generated through kitchen, baths, latrines, etc. of the University complex for flushing of Toilets of Non-Residential Buildings and horticulture purposes

Rain Water Harvesting Pits on The University Campus

The University has made proper arrangement of the rain water harvesting system to cover the entire complex properly.

Fire Fighting Arrangement

All low rise buildings are equipped with handy/manual fire fighting extinguishers, whereas basement + four storey buildings (Saraswat Sadhana Sadan and Swarna Jayanti Sadan) are equipped with smoke detection, sprinkler and down comer hydrant system to meet the unfortunate fire hazard.

Future Plans

  1. One 200 Bedded Girls' Hostel
  2. ,
  3. One 200 Bedded Boys' Hostel
  4. ,
  5. Vertical Expansion Of Two Academic Buildings & One Multi Purpose Building.
  6. The University has decided to construct the above mention buildings to meet the present and future requirements. Accordingly, the CPWD was requested to submit the estimates. Estimates received from the CPWD for the above mentioned buildings were submitted to the MHRD for its approval through HEFA. The MHRD has conveyed its approval for the first four projects except for multipurpose buildings.

Staff Details

S. No. Photo Name Department Designation
1 Shri Rahul Rai Engineering LOWER DIVISION CLERK
2 Shri Satish Engineering MULTI TASKING STAFF
3 Shri Chandra Bhushan Tiwari Engineering ELECTRICIAN
4 Shri Deepak Engineering MULTI TASKING STAFF
5 Shri Narendra Pal Engineering JUNIOR ENGINEER (ELECTRICAL)
6 Shri Dheeraj Singh Engineering MULTI TASKING STAFF
7 Shri Ramakant Upadhyaya Engineering EXECUTIVE ENGINEER(CIVIL)
8 Shri Omkeshwar Tiwari Engineering LOWER DIVISION CLERK cum CARE TAKER
9 Shri Anshuman Ghurniyal Engineering UPPER DIVISION CLERK
10 Shri Naresh Kumar Engineering MULTI TASKING STAFF
11 Smt. Sandhya Singh Engineering JUNIOR ENGINEER (CIVIL)
12 Shri Santosh Kumar Pandey Engineering MULTI TASKING STAFF
13 Shri Anjani Kumar Rai Engineering ASSISTANT ENGINEER
14 Shri Bijender Singh Rana Engineering PUMP OPERATOR