Vedshala old

In order to impart practical knowledge of Jyotish to the students of the Deptt. of Jyotish there is an Observatory in the Vidyapeeth Campus. It was built by the Ex-President of Jantar-Mantar, Jaipur, The President Award winner, M.M. Pandit Kalyan Dutt Sharma. While the Mesha Valaya, Karmavalaya, Tula Valaya and Makara Valaya help in knowing the Vedhashala, the Vitti Yantra and Chakra yantra facilitate the knowledge of Kranti. Through the Nadi Valaya the knowledge of local time is possible. The Samrat Yantra facilitates the knowledge of Yabhyottaralanghen kal, local time and standard time. The Bharatiya Tara Mandal helps in finding Natansha Akshansha and Krantyansh etc