E.g., 13/07/2020
E.g., 13/07/2020
S. No. Title Date Details Amendment/Corrigendum
1 Tender Acceptance letter regarding providing and fixing stainless steel etc. name plate boards of the University during 2020-21 08/07/2020 Download (41.41 KB) pdf -
2 NIT for running the hostel mess in the University during 2020-21 18/06/2020 Download (345.74 KB) PDF -
3 NIT for round “O” clock running, operation and comprehensive annual maintenance contract of 120KLD fab type sewage treatment plant of the University 27/05/2020 Download (76.45 KB) pdf Corrigendum Download (313.8 KB) pdf
Important notice regarding NIT Download (94.75 KB) PDF
Important Notice regarding NIT-02 Download (212.51 KB) pdf