1. The University shall not be responsible for providing transport to any guest.
  2. Telephone facilities shall be made available at the Guest House for making local calls .
  3. Reservation once made may be got cancelled by giving at least 3 days in advance.
  4. Only two persons are allowed in the double-bedded room. No extra bed or additional member beyond two shall be allowed.
  5. The check in and checkout Time is 24 hours.
  6. Payment will be accepted in case, online mode or by Demand Draft only. A/c Payee cheque will be accepted form the educational institutions/government organizations subject to personal guarantee or reference given by the authorised person or any employee of the Vidyapeetha.
  7. Fifty per cent payment will have to be deposited in advance for reservation of accommodation.
  8. All payments should be settled before departure of the guest(s) credit facility is not ordinarily available. However, it may be extended on the event of urgency/emergency of the guest(s) subject to personal guarantee or reference of any employee of the Vidyapeetha.
  9. Guest is requested to demand receipt from the guest house for all the payment made by them.
  10. Outside eatable are not allowed in the Guest House.
  11. On request from the guest(s), tea, coffee, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc., may be provided by the contractor and it will be served on the dining hall of guest house. Room service is not provided. However, at the instance of the guest, room service will be allowed on payment on Rs. 25/- per service.
  12. Use of alcoholic drinks, cigarette smoking, pan-masala etc. is strictly prohibited.
  13. Guests are requested to switch off the lights, fans, A/c, heater, before leaving the room.
  14. Priority in allotment of rooms will be given to those who are visiting the University for official works.
  15. Guests are requested to cooperate in maintenance and cleanliness of the guest house.
  16. Suggestion/Complaint Register is available at the reception of the guest house for recording the suggestion/views which will be looked into and corrective action, if any, will be taken.
  17. The University reserves the right to partially or full cancel the booking/allotment of room(s) or space to any guest or organization without assigning any reason thereof.
  18. Guest House does not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any person staying in the Guest House or any vehicles.
  19. Pets are not permitted.
  20. Kindly inform day's program me before leaving the Guest House to enable us to answer queries.
  21. Payment is to be made in cash by the guest unless the Institute provides the visitors free hospitality.