Department of Puranetihas

Shitla Prasad Shukla
Prof. Shitla Prasad Shukla
Head of Department
Professor, Department of Puranetihas
14.09.2023 to 13.09.2026

The department of Puranetihasa is one of the oldest Departments of University. Puranetihasa is one of the most popular subjects opted by the students. The department was represented by the Chancellor, Dr. K.P.A.Menon in the International Ramayana Conference at Croatia in 1999. The objective of University is projecting the knowledge about Indian tradition, social and geographical setup, embedded in Puranas. The in-depth study of Puranas can create a strong impact on various fields of Indian tourism, Indian medicine, Indian cuisine, Indian narrative tradition and Indian behavioral patterns which are of great interest to people from all over the world. Puranas are a compendium of many branches of learning. A study of Puranas introduces the students to our native tradition. It also provides them opportunities for interdisciplinary research. The department conducts seminar and workshops on the importance of Puranas, its characteristics and social relevance.

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