Books & Journals


Following edited books have been published from the centre-

  1. “ Kalidasa’s Women Characters as Role Models of Women’s Empowerment” (2009)
  2. Images of Women and Women Empowerment in Indian Literature in 2015
  3. Gender Sensitization: Yesterday and Today in 2016
  4. Contribution of Women through Ages in 2017


The Centre brings out a Journal of Gender and Indian Heritage named as 'Sumangali' which is published Annually. It is a Peer reviewed, multi lingual Journal with the ISSN No. 2229-6336. This journal has been listed by UGC in the list of approved journal (serial no. 40943).

This Journal of gender and heritage focuses on the image of woman in Indian tradition and her achievements and struggles. The Journal will also carry studies of theoretical and analytical character. Besides original research articles, the Journal also includes book reviews on texts on women and women’s issues


Following documents are prepared by the Centre every year-

  1. Annual Newsletter carries brief report of the activities of the year and is sprinkled with ‘Subhashithms” from Sanskrit texts on women and women’s issues
  2. A Compilation of “Women in the News” is prepared every year with the title “Women’s Struggles And Achievements”. It contains news items, articles, discussions on social and political relevant issues on women from the leaves of leading newspapers which helps the research scholars as base document.