Workshops & Seminars

National Seminars

    Centre for Women's Studies have organized the following National Seminar :–
  • National Seminars on ‘Contribution of Vidushi Vidyotamato in kalidas’s Greatness' 2006.
  • National Seminars on 'Kalidas’s Women Characters as Role Models of Women’s Empowerment' 2007.
  • National Seminars on 'Gender and Information Technology: Challenges and opportunities' 2008.
  • National Seminars on 'Women and Religion' 2009.
  • National Seminars on 'Women and Education' March 2013.
  • National Seminars on 'Images of Women and Women Empowerment in Indian Literature' January 2014.
  • National Seminars on 'Gender sensitization: Yesterday and Today' February 2015.
  • National Seminars on 'Contribution of Women through Ages', Feb 2016.
  • National Seminars on 'Women Empowerment: Retrospect and Prospects' in Dec 2016.
  • National Seminars on 'Approaches of Gender Empowerment', March 2018


  • Work Shop on Curriculum Development for Women Studies in Feb. 2006.
  • Work Shop on Role Model of Women in Festivals of India, 2008.
  • Career Guidance for Girl Students in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pushpvihar, July 2009.
  • Work Shop on Curriculum Development for Women Studies as an optional paper for B.Ed. and M.Ed. classes 2009.
  • Work Shop on 'Tools Development for Data collection' for research project Women through Ages 2010.
  • One day Gender sensitization Workshops for Ph.D., M.Phil. , Acharya and M.Ed. students started from in March 2015.
  • Work Shop on Curriculum Development for Gender Sensitization as per 'Saksham Scheme' of UGC for Ph.D. course and Graduation level. The already running foundation course syllabus was also reviewed in March 2017.
  • Gender sensitization Workshops for M.Ed. classes in every year from 2008 to till today.