Department of Vyakarana

Prof. Ram Salhai Dwivedi
Head of Department
Professor, Department of Vyakarana
31.01.2023 to 30.01.2026

"Mukham Vyakaranam Smrtam"

Grammar is an essence and soul of any language in the solution to all the problems related to the languages. A language can be well defined only with help of grammar. The Sanskrit Grammar is the synonym of Maharshi Panini, Maharshi Patanjali and Achrya Katyayana and is unanimously accepted by the learned galaxy.

The Sanskrit Grammar is mainly divided in to two parts i.e. Prachin Vyakrana and Navya Vyakarana. In our university Department of Vyakarana has both streams. The Stream of Prchin Vyakarana consists of Padchheda, Anuvritti, Padkritya etc. that deals with every minute aspect of the subject including with the justifications. It immensely emphasis on the teaching of the great book (Grantha) Ashtadhyayi of Acharya Panini and Mahabhashya of Acharya Patanjali for the students of graduation and post-graduation.

In the stream of Navya Vyakarana books like Vaiyakarana Siddhant Kaumudi, Laghushabdendushekhara, Praudh Manorma, Paribhashendushekhara etc. are included for the Methodology of the subject. For knowledge of Philosophical Grammar books like Vaiyakaranbhushansara, Vakyapadiya , Paramlaghu Manjusha etc. are subscribed in the syllabus for the knowledge enhancement of the students.

As directed by the U.G.C. Credit Course system is also included in the syllabus in which students are privileged with Interdisciplinary method of learning.

Several students who are keen in pursuing Research work in the field of grammar are doing their Ph.D. and M.Phil. courses under the guidance and supervision of the teachers in the department. Teachers firmly believe that the research students must remain updated to compete with the global trends. Therefore various training programmes and seminars based on research methodology are organised by the Department to support researchers to prepare their research article and present and publish them.

Apart from the above activities the department of Vyakarana has established Vyakaran Parishad for the all-round development and better growth of the students in this Parishad regular seminars, workshops, debates, Shlok gaana, essay writing, Sutra Antyakshari, Sutra explanation competitions are conducted to enhance competency levels of the learners. The Parishad also organise lectures of experts and research experts from the various institutes and universities to open new windows to the recent advancements in the learning and to achieve the purpose.

The department besides being inculcating the quality education has also been giving ample of opportunities not only for the students of the university but also for the pupil from outside to join Sanskrit Speaking Course and Sanskrit Journalism & Advanced Sanskrit Journalism Course. These courses are being successfully conducted by the teachers of the department.

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Faculty Details

S. No. Photo Name Department Designation
1 Jai Kant Singh Sharma Prof. Jai Kant Singh Sharma Department of Vyakarana PROFESSOR
2 Sujata Tripathi Prof. Sujata Tripathi Department of Vyakarana PROFESSOR
3 Ram Salhai Dwivedi Prof. Ram Salhai Dwivedi Department of Vyakarana PROFESSOR
4 Dayal Singh Dr. Dayal Singh Department of Vyakarana PROFESSOR
5 Naresh Kumar Bairwa Dr. Naresh Kumar Bairwa Department of Vyakarana ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
6 Dharampal Prajapat Dr. Dharampal Prajapat Department of Vyakarana ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
7 Sujata Tripathi Prof. Sujata Tripathi Department of Vyakarana