Department of Mimansa

Prof. A. S. Aravamudan
Head of Department
Professor, Department of Mimansa
18.09.2022 to 17.09.2025

Mimamsa philosophy is also one of the ancient philosophy among the Indian philosophy systems. The metaphor meaning of the Mimamsa is iwftrfopkjopu% . The Mimamsakas accept Ishwara as karma i.e. 'कर्मेति मीमांसका: . The first text of Mimamsa is Jaimini-sutra. There are twelve chapters in this philosophy that is why this shastra is called as ''Dwaadasha-lakshani". This philosophy speaks about Dharma and what are the evidences etc. The first sutra of this philosophy is ''अथातो धर्मजिज्ञासा'''. It contains about thousand adhikaranas and deal with sacrificial rights to be performed and not to be perfomed. Each and every adhikarana contains 5 parts namely Vishaya, Shamshaya, Poorvapaksha, Siddhant and Sangati. The department of Mimamsa is dexterous with above mentioned concepts.

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1 Rajesh Kumar Gurjar Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gurjar Department of Mimansa ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
2 A. S. Aravamudan Prof. A. S. Aravamudan Department of Mimansa Professor