Department of Sankhya Yoga

Prof. Markandey Nath Tiwari
Head of Department
Professor, Department of Sankhya Yoga
02.07.2021 to 01.07.2024

Students studying in Sankya-Yog mainly study the basic books of sankya philosophy and Yog-Darshan. The first scripture of Sankhya philosophy “Sankhya- Sutra” is propounded by mahrshi Kapil. ‘Sankykarika’ is the most trusted scripture written by famous scholar Ishwarkrishna. In this philosophy some matter are only Prakriti, some are only Prakriti and Vikriti, some are only Vikriti and some are neither Prakriti nor Vikriti. In this way in Sankhya philosophy all twenty five elements have been categorized in four heads.

Sankhya Darshan given by Kapil denies the final cause of Ishwara (God) and therefore it is called Nirishwar Sankhya. This philosophy considers twenty five elements as Prakriti, intellect (Maht-ttava), ego-sense (ahankar), five sense organs (Nose-ghran, tounge-rasana, eyes-chakshu, skin-twak, ears-shrotra), five organs of action (speech-vak, Hand-pani, leg-pad, payu, upasthan), mind (manas), five tanmatra ( gandhatanmatra, rastanmatra, rupatanmatra, sparshtanmatra, shabdatanmatra), five gross elements (Earth- Prithivi, Water-Jala, Fire- Agni, Air-Vāyu, Ether-Ākāsha) and Purush. These elements are taught and studied in this philosophy. The first scriptutre of Yog-Darshan is “Yog-Sutra” given by Maharshi Patanjali. This scripture is also known as “Patanjal Yogdarshan”. This philosophy also considers the same twenty five elements of Sankhya Darshan except one more element known as Purush-Vishesh (Ishwar-god) is also accepted here. Therefore, this philosophy is also known as “Seshwar Sankhya Darshan”. In this philosophy it is explained that how the activities of mind (Chitta-Vritti) of human being can be controlled. Various Yogasanas and different kinds of Siddhies are also beautifully elaborated in this scripture. Today entire world is studying this philosophy for making human body healthy and long-living. “Nasti Sankhyasamam Shashtram, Nasti Yog Samam Balam”, this Indian belief reflects the unmatched importance of Sankhya-Yog.

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