प्रकोष्ठाः अन्यशुल्कानि च

Cancellation of Reservation :

Reservation once made may be got cancelled by giving at least 3 days in advance.


The University shall not be responsible for providing transport to any guest.

Boarding & Lodging Charges :

Airconditioned Accommodation:

  • Rs.450/- (for double occupancy) +Rs.35/-(Maintenance charges of Linen etc)
  • Rs.300/- ( for single occupancy) +Rs.25/-(Maintenance charges of Linen etc)

Non-Airconditioned Accommodation:

  • Rs.350/- ( for double occupancy) +Rs.35/-(Maintenance charges of Linen etc)
  • Rs.200/- ( for single occupancy) +Rs.25/-(Maintenance charges of Linen etc)
  • Rs. 50/- extra shall be charged for using Heat Convector,Room Heater etc. by any guest).

Rates of Dormitory :

  • Four Beds with AC Facility - Rs.600/-
  • Four beds without AC Facility - Rs.500/-
  • Single bed without AC facility - Rs.125/-

Every Guest shall be required to deposit atleast one day's charge in advance. The amount shall be payble by way of cash only and the entire dues shall be cleared before the departure of the guest.

Operation of Guest House Fund:

The Guest House shall deposit all its earnings/collections in a separate account to be created for the purpose which shall be operated under the joint signatures of the Finance officer and the Registrar as is being done in other cases. The Account shall be termed as "Campus Development Account" to be opened at CANARA BANK, New Mehrauli Road,New Delhi. All expenses beyond Rs.10000/- shall be placed before the guest House Management Committee for prior approval. The expenses within Rs.10000/- may be incurred by the Officer-in-charge of the Guest House with the approval of the Registrar/Vice-Chancellor as the case may be which may have to be reported to the guest House Management Committee for record. The University shall also meet the deficit if any in order to ensure the smooth running of the guest house.

The Finance Officer shall be responsible for the maintenance of its Account and Audit as per rules. The Guest House shall be maintained with the guidance and suggestions of the Campus Development Committee and all routine and day to day expeses shall be incurred out of the proceeds deposited in the Campus Development Fund. However, the expenditure relating to the infrastructural development, building maintenance and payment of staff salary/contractual engagement etc , repair/replacement of furniture/purchase of furniture, linen, bedsheet, pillow covers, untensils, crockeries and other requirements of the Guest House shall be met from the appropriate head of Account of the University with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor based on the concurrence of the Finance Officer.

Amendments Relaxation of Rules :

The Vice-Chancellor may at his discretion relax any of these rules depending upon the exigency of the situation.

Normal Guest Room

VIP Guest Room

Guest House

Rate List for One Day:

1 Double-bedded Room with single occupancy 200/-
2 Double-bedded Room with double occupancy 350/-
3 Maintenance of Linen, bed-sheet, towel 25/- (Per bed after each change)
35/- (Per room after each change)
4 Charges of Heat Convector/Blower (if availed) 50/- (Per room)
5 Charges for A/c.(if availed) 100/- (Per room)
6 Dormitory Accommodation 125/- (for one person)
Without AC 500/- (for four person)
With AC 100/- (for four person)