The following accommodation is available at the Guest House:

  • Air-conditioned double bedded suite
  • Non-air-conditioned double bedded suite



For the purpose of these rules:

  1. The Vice-Chancellor means the Vice-Chancellor of the SLBSRSV,New Delhi.
  2. The Registrar means the Registrar of the SLBSRSV,New Delhi.
  3. The Finance Officer means the Finance Officer of the SLBSRSV,New Delhi.
  4. The "University Guest" means a person invited by the Vice-Chancellor personally or on the recommendations of the Registrar, Finance Officer, Deans of the faculties on any special assignment or work of the University.
  5. A sponsor means any member of the Faculty, Officer or Non-teaching employee who requests for reservation of accommodation in the guest house for and on behalf of any visitor on duty or otherwise.

Office in-charge of the of the Guest House:

The Registrar of the University shall exercise the overall control of the guest House who shall be accountable to the Vice-Chancellor in course of his duties as the Officer-in-In charge of the Guest House. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the Guest House and to provide effective supervision, management and guidance, a committee consisting of the following members is hereby constituted: which Subject to

  • Registrar-(in the chair)
  • Finance Officer or his nominee - Member
  • Dy.Registrar(Admn.) - Member
  • Two teachers to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of two years--Members
  • One member of the non-teaching employee to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of two years.-Member
  • Section Officer(Admn.) -Member
  • Secretary The University may allot accommodation in the Guest House on payment basis fixed for the purpose.

Only the members of the faculty, officers and non-teaching employees shall be authorized to request for reservation of the accommodation in the Guest House for use of their guests. The employee recommending the allotment of the Guest House for any visitor shall be responsible for his conduct and payment of charges to be made by him. In case of default in payment on the part of the guest, guest house dues will be realized from the salary of the sponsor. No exemption of Lodging/boarding charges shall be extended to anyone. The visitor invited by the University shall also be required to pay the Guest House charges and claim from the University whatever is admissible under TA rules. The request for reservation should be addressed to the Registrar, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University in the prescribed format and should reach him at least a week in advance of the date of arrival of the visitor. The applications for reservation of accommodation in the Guest House shall be considered as per the following priority:

  1. VIPs and VVIPs coming for University's work according to priorities to be decided by the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. Selection Committee experts, examiners, Guest Faculties, Visiting Professor and Visitors who are invited by the University for its work.
  3. Visitors coming from outside Delhi, not in the work of the University who are recommended by any employee of the University.
  4. Any other person as the Vice-Chancellor deems fit.

Visitor Register:

A visitor's register shall be kept in the custody of the guest house attendant in such forms as may be prescribed by the Registrar.

Guest House Attendant :

Attendants as per the requirement shall be provided in the guest house to attend to the needs of all the guests staying in the guest house. The number of attendants to be engaged on shift duties may be decided by the Vice-Chancellor who is authorized to engage them on Daily Wage/Contract basis as per regulations. The regular employees, contractual employees and Daily Wagers shall be suitably compensated by way of remuneration/honorarium as the Registrar/Vice-Chancellor decides on the recommendation of the Campus Development Committee.

Damage, loss & Breakages :

The visitors are responsible for any damage, loss or breakage caused to the University's property, viz, the building, furniture fittings or other articles in the room. All such damages losses, breakage, etc. shall be paid for by the guest before leaving the guest house.The decision of the Vice-Chancellor of the University regarding recovery of such damages, losses, breakages etc. and the amount payable by the guest on this account shall be final.


Telephone facilities shall be made available at the Guest House for making local calls. For this purpose one/two non-STD Lines shall be provided which shall be connected with an EPABX System in order to provide inter-com facilities in all the rooms.